Top 200 boys names from 1900 – 1909


I’ve decided to post baby names, for character development. I want to have a list of names at my fingers tips. I don’t want to surf the internet every time I need a name for one of my characters. This way, I will have instant access to names anytime I want, and so will you. Especially once I pin it to one of my boards on

Here’s the top 200 most popular names for male babies born during 1900 – 1909, according to ~ The Official Social Security Website. The names are listed by popularity and was taken from 1,467,487 male births.

boys names1jpg

vintage boyspg

boys names2jpg

vintage boys2jpg

boys names3jpg

vintage boys3jpg

boy names4jpg

vintage boys4jpg

 How cute are these vintage photos!

Hope this is helpful…It certainly will be helpful for me!

I’ll be posting names from the 1930’s next, so stop by and check!


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