Super Cute Notebooks

I love these notebooks!

These notebooks are super cute! I’ve been using legal pads for years…for everything. Legal pads are great, but they all look-alike ( unless you get different colors ), they have different colors on Amazon. I just use the yellow or white ones. I end up having piles and piles of white and yellow legal pads…in my office, downstairs, and in my bedroom…just in case I get an idea while I’m getting ready for bed, which happens often. But, I end up spending valuable time looking for information I need, which ends up taking me forever to find. So, I purchased these cute notebooks. Each book in the series will have its own ( different ) notebook.

I picked “Let Your Imagination Take Flight” for book one. Last night, I started filling it with the information I need. I have to say that the quality of the paper is wonderful. I can write on both sides of the page without the ink bleeding through. I love it!

Each book will be filled with the info I need quickly. Whenever I get an idea, I’ll be able to write it down in the appropriate notebook and then I’ll able to find it fast…Yay!

I think I like getting organized. Hmmm…Why didn’t I do this sooner?

I think I need to buy more of these, just in case I run out of room.

P.S. I purchased these on Amazon


The other day, I had an idea!

The other day, I had an idea!

After my last blog post, It’s all a blur…I realized, that I needed to do something to motivate me to blog more often. If left to my own devises, I will procrastinate. I alternate between procrastination and perfectionism all the time…another ENFP personality trait.

So, I’m kicking off a new blog endeavor

My goal is to blog more often, be more organized and disciplined, and to let you know what I’ll be working on…while I pull apart my first book and nail down my ending. Then put it back together and plot out the other books in the series. I’ll share what’s working for me, and what’s not working for me. I hope whatever I find…will help writers who are struggling like me.

I still feel quite lost. My ideas and thoughts are all mixed up right now. This one little flame, is the only light…guiding me in the direction I want to go in.

I am way out of my comfort zone!

There’s only one way I want to go, there’s no turning back now. I need to find this elusive ending I’ve been struggling with in book one. It’s been just beyond my fingertips, I haven’t been able to grab hold of it yet, and I don’t know why? Maybe I just don’t like endings, or maybe I’m just not good at endings…I don’t know?

All I can do right now, is take one step at a time and keep working.

My new blog endeavor is…a Monthly Journal

It’s starting in January. Hope you take this trip into the unknown with me. Together, maybe we might learn something that will help us Plotser’s (somewhere between a plotter and a pantser), become more like a plotter.

If it goes well, maybe it will become a weekly journal? 

It’s all a blur…

Where has the time gone?

I blinked, and six months flew by.

Wasn’t it July 4th, just the other day?

It’s all a blur, at least that’s what it feels like to me.

I’ve never been good with time.

Ever since I can remember, my mother would say, “Melinda, time waits for no one.” she was always in a rush. I’d say, “It waits for me,” I don’t like to be rushed. When someone rushes me, I move slower. Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing, or an ENFP thing…I don’t know?

Right now, I feel lost. I’m in the woods, and I have no idea where I’m going.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with plotting my book series ( I’m not a plotter or a pantser ) so, it’s not so easy for me. I feel like I’m forcing a square peg into a round hole. I’m working on a series bible, because even though I’m not a plotter, I need to know where I’m going. When I don’t know where I’m going, I tend to stop writing…which is not a good thing. So, I’m working on getting organized. I thought plotting and getting organized was going to help, but I feel more confused than ever. It’s like when you first start cleaning, you end up making even more of a mess than you started with, but after lots of work it’s clean. I’m still at the…I made more of a mess than I started with stage. Which is why I’m overwhelmed.

I need to find my way out of this mess! Where’s the end of the tunnel?

I don’t know how I’m getting out of this mess? I haven’t found the end of the tunnel yet. I know one thing, every time I look at the overall plot…the big picture. I get overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed, it stresses me out. So, the other day I decided I was just going to focus on one step at a time.

And focus on one thing at a time.

Since I started thinking about plotting the other books in the series, I’ve made a few changes to the first book. Some characters have had name changes, because I stole their name for someone else, and some have had name changes because the name they had, just wasn’t working. My characters tend to not talk to me, if they don’t like their name. I’ve come up with several new characters (some very important ones) that I have to insert into the first book which is half way done. But, before I do that, I have to flesh them out first. I have so much to do…right now I feel like I’m in a fog.

About six months ago I found out that publishers want the first book completely finished, and an outline of all the other books in the series.


For some reason I thought I could do one book at a time, I don’t know why I thought that? Then I heard that publishers wanted the first book and a synopsis of the other books. Then I found out from a published author, that they want an outline of all the other books.

That’s a whole different ballgame.

When I first started writing Raven Hill, I had no idea what I was doing, or what I was getting myself into. I was and still am a potter, an artist. I didn’t know how to write a novel, as a matter of fact, English was my least favorite subject. I liked Science, Biology, Psychology, History and Art…of course.

So, how and why did I start writing? Let’s just say…due to unforeseen circumstances, it sort of found me. I basically started at the very bottom. My early writing wasn’t very good, but with hard work, help from some awesome writing books and my husband (my editor), I’ve come a long way. When I started to write, I had no idea that my story would turn into a series. I planned on writing a standalone book, but the more I wrote, the more complex and complicated my story became. I had no other choice but to turn it into a book series.

Now I feel like I’m starting it all over again.

I really hope that once I master this plotting thing…the next book series will be easier. Please tell me it gets easier! Anyway, right now I’m getting to know my old characters again and getting to know my new characters. After that I’ll be spending a lot of time with my villains.

Yes, there is so much to do, but I’ll keep working…one step at a time, one scene at a time.


Character Development: Zodiac Traits – Sagittarius


It’s time for another blog post about Character Development using Zodiac Traits.

It’s my favorite writing tool…to create living, breathing characters that jump off the page and it helps me know my characters…so much better. After giving my characters a name and finding images of what my characters look like (not necessarily in that order all the time.) I give them a birthday.

Then I start searching for Zodiac Traits.

Pinterest is a great place to get information on Zodiac Traits. Check out my board…Sagittarius ~ Character Development: Zodiac Traits

I start with negative and positive keywords for each Zodiac sign. 

These negative keywords are very helpful for character development. Especially for developing your antagonist or a character that’s not so nice. You can use several of these negative keywords or all of them, sprinkled with a few positive keywords to create a living, breathing antagonist. People are complex, no one is all bad or all good. Creating an antagonist that has some good qualities makes them scarier…in my opinion.  

Characters need layers, depth…that’s what makes them real.

These positive keywords are very helpful in developing your protagonist, side kicks and mentors, sprinkled with a few negative keywords and you have a living, breathing character with flaws. Someone people can relate to.

Then I dig deeper with this book  “The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers – The Complete Personology Reference Guide by Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan.” 

I love this book!

It has information, on every single birthday.

This one is near and dear to my heart…my husband is a Sagittarius.

Hope this helps you with your Character Development.

One more to go…Capricorn.

Thanks for stopping by!


Inspiration Board #7 – part three

Images, make my story come to life!

They inspire me, they help me see my characters, where they go, what kind of trouble they get into, and sets the mood of the story. That’s why most of the images are dark and moody…with a little touch of color here and there. Just like my story!

Images are such a useful tool for me, especially since I’m an artist/designer/potter/photographer and writer. They help me design my story world. I can visualize my story in my mind, but seeing images related to my story takes it a step further.

That’s why I make these inspiration boards.


Inspiration Board #7 – part two


Images, make my story come to life!

They inspire me, they help me see my characters, where they go, what kind of trouble they get into, and sets the mood of the story. That’s why most of the images are dark and moody…with a little touch of color here and there. Just like my story!

Images are such a useful tool for me, especially since I’m an artist/designer/potter/photographer and writer. They help me design my story world. I can visualize my story in my mind, but seeing images related to my story takes it a step further.

That’s why I make these inspiration boards.

Hello February


I can’t believe it’s February, already!

Where did the time go? The last several months have just flown by. I wanted to blog, so many times, but life seemed to get in the way. It all started when I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) it was a last minute decision, so I only had about a week or so to prep. I really wanted to blog about it, but I just didn’t have the time. I was so focused on getting prepped and then getting my word count in everyday.


I have to say, that it was exhausting! But I’m glad I did it, not sure if I want to do it again though? My birthday is in November and I never get to just relax and enjoy it. If I’m not doing NaNoWriMo, then I’m packing orders for my Etsy Shop for Christmas, and making pottery. There’s always so much to do in November. In 2014, I actually did both…packed orders and participated in NaNoWriMo…what a nut! But I did it…I won!


 Thankfully, my Etsy Shop was on vacation this time. All I had to do was write, but it was a lot of work. I won again…Yay! After it was over, I needed a well deserved rest from writing. I took about a week off, then I had to start my Christmas shopping, I hadn’t even bought one thing. I was too busy writing. And of course we had to put up the tree.


Isn’t it pretty?

I blinked and before I knew it, December was over.


Happy New Year 2017

On January 2, 2017, right when I was about to edit the chapters I wrote during NaNoWriMo, my computer decided not to work anymore. Oh, Yay…Happy New Year! We called some computer repair people, but I wasn’t about to spend $200.00 just for them to come to my house. Are you kidding! So, we tried to fix it ourselves, did tech support online, it didn’t work. Then my husband called HP and after talking to four different people they said, “Sorry, we can’t help you. We don’t make that one anymore.” After making a few more calls, someone told me it might be the graphics card. So, we bought one. I was really hoping it was going to work, but it didn’t. At this point, I was starting to get a little worried, because I hadn’t saved some stuff to my backup drive. I did save all my writing, thankfully! But I hadn’t saved any photos for like 16 months, and I wasn’t sure what else I hadn’t saved. Since it wasn’t going well, I started shopping for a tower online, then I went to Best Buy and found one I liked. While I was at Best Buy they told me, “If you buy a computer, we can retrieve the data from your old computer for $85.00.” Oh, Yay! I was more excited about that, then buying a new computer…how weird is that. 


While I was purchasing my new tower, I found out I had to buy a new printer, even though my printer was perfectly fine. It wasn’t compatible with the new tower. This is what I purchased, it’s also a scanner, and a copier…and it’s wireless. I really like that! My computer is too, but if I use it wireless…they said it would be slower. I definitely don’t want that! So, my new tower stayed at the store while they set it up and when it was ready, We had to bring in my old computer so they could transfer the data. I have to say, it felt like I was leaving my child behind. It really did! That tower has never left my site, not even when we moved. It came with me in the truck along with my backup drive.

When my husband picked up both computers, Best Buy told him, “It was the mother board. It wasn’t worth fixing.” I was still hoping to fix it, even though I had already bought a new one. I wanted to give it to my husband, so he could have a desk top. He has two laptops, one is his work laptop (only used for work) the other is eight years old already. Since I had to get a new printer, I was giving him my old printer which is not very old. My old printer is only 5 years old, so is my old computer. I would think that it would have lasted longer than that. My other PC lasted for more than 11 years.

Thankfully, my monitor was still compatible with the new tower.

Although, a 23″ monitor would have been really nice.

Once we had everything all hooked up, I had to figure out how to use it. They don’t come with instructions anymore. It annoys me to have to look for the instructions online, I’d rather have the manual right in front of me. Best Buy did show me a few things, but I forgot most of it by the time I got to the car. Good thing I took notes. I have to say I’m not a fan of windows 10, windows 8 was much better, in my opinion. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to shut off my PC…well, maybe not 5 minutes, but it seemed like it did. They made it so complicated. I’m getting use to it now…sort of. At least I’m not complaining about it, like I was the first week I had it.

I’m so behind now…in everything! Going without a PC for 8 days was not fun, and it certainly wasn’t fun figuring out how this new computer worked and windows 10. I can’t even tell you how many emails I have now, and I was doing so well, on one of my email accounts. I get so many of them and that’s just one account. I haven’t even gone to my other email account yet.

When I delete them, they just come back and bring lots of friends!

I couldn’t work on the book I had worked on during NaNoWriMo, which I called Abigail (don’t think that will be the title though) while I was without a PC, because I forgot to print the last 4 chapters I wrote. Good thing I saved them to my backup drive. I didn’t edit any of the chapters from Raven Hill, because frankly, I didn’t feel like it. But I did get to start on some stuff I’ve been wanting to do while I was without a PC. I started a plotting journal for Raven Hill. I really need to nail down the ending. The plotting journal is so much fun, I think I found a way to make me like plotting. Which is amazing! I’ve been trying to force myself to plot for more years then I’d like to count.


 This is my plotting journal.

I love this mix media sketch book, it’s perfect.

Before I knew it, January flew by.


Please be good to me…February!

Thanks for stopping by.