Hello! My name is Melinda,

I’m an ENFP + Scorpio  female, which makes me very complicated. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. I write YA Paranormal Fiction, YA Fantasy, YA Science Fiction (Time Travel) and YA Historical Fiction. I love writing ghost stories, stories about supernatural powers and I’m obsessed with time travel.

I’m the granddaughter of Portuguese Immigrants, who settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts…and that’s where I was born. I’ve been an artist most of my life. I danced for almost fourteen years. I was a fashion model when I was in high school and dreamed of moving to New York City after graduation. But then I met my husband…and everything changed.

I’ve been making pottery ever since I fell in love with clay in 1990. However, an injury changed my life, and lead me to my second passion…writing fiction.

My current WIP – Haunted Secrets: Blood and Bones Book One – was inspired by a real Mansion. My dad liked to go for long rides on the weekends. Every Sunday, he’d take the long way to my Grandparents house. We’d drive down tree lined country roads that twisted and turned and on one of those roads was a Mansion overlooking Buzzards Bay. It fascinated me. I’d stare at it, until I couldn’t see it anymore. So when I decided to write, I knew exactly where my ghost story would take place.

Check out my storyboard on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way for me to keep track of all the stories floating around in my head. As soon as I get an idea for a new story I make a storyboard.

I love connecting with people. You can find me here…




If you’d like to see the pottery I design and make, here are my links…






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    While I do like some of your website, I find it disappointing that your keywords for Leo are overly soft.

    Leo is not just “caring, warm, generous, creative” and all that other soft stuff. They are also aggressive, passionate, fierce, determined, courageous, temperamental, powerful, dynamic, and protective.

    Leo is symbolized by a mighty and fierce lion, not a show kitty. So its keywords should be just as fierce.

    So there’s a lot of Leo’s strengths, boldness, and fierceness that were left out. I hope more of Leo’s fiercer qualities can be included.



    • Hi!

      I have positive and negative keywords for Leo, just like all the other signs. I just picked a few. I know there is so much more. These positive keywords and negative keywords are a quick reference for me to use for my characters. I wanted something I could look at quickly while writing.

      You gave me an idea for more blog posts. Thanks! I’ll dig deeper into the positive and negative keywords for each sign, and more.

      Thanks for commenting!


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