Character Development: Zodiac Traits – Leo

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It’s time for another blog post about…

Character Development using Zodiac Traits.

I love using zodiac traits! It’s my favorite writing tool…to create living, breathing characters that jump off the page and it helps me know my characters…so much better. After giving my characters a name and finding images of what my characters look like (not necessarily in that order all the time.) I give them a birthday.

Then I start searching for Zodiac Traits. 

Pinterest is a great place to get information on Zodiac Traits. Check out my board…

Writing Tips: Leo Character Development – Zodiac Traits

Leo negative keywords withtext

I start with negative and positive keywords for each Zodiac sign. 

These negative keywords are very helpful for character development. Especially for developing your antagonist or a character that’s not so nice. You can use several of these negative keywords or all of them, sprinkled with a few positive keywords to create a living, breathing antagonist. People are complex, no one is all bad or all good. Creating an antagonist that has some good qualities makes them scarier…in my opinion.  

Characters need layers, depth…that’s what makes them real.

Leo positive keywords withtext

These positive keywords are very helpful in developing your protagonist, side kicks and mentors, sprinkled with a few negative keywords and you have a living, breathing character with flaws. Someone people can relate to.

Zodiac Traits

Then I dig deeper with this book  “The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers – The Complete Personology Reference Guide by Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan.” 

I love this book!

It has information, on every single birthday.

Leo withtext

Hope this helps you with your Character Development.

Next is Virgo…my Mom

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2 thoughts on “Character Development: Zodiac Traits – Leo

  1. Hi,

    While I do like some of your website, I find it disappointing that your keywords for Leo are overly soft.

    Leo is not just “caring, warm, generous, creative” and all that other soft stuff. They are also aggressive, passionate, fierce, determined, courageous, temperamental, powerful, dynamic, and protective.

    Leo is symbolized by a mighty and fierce lion, not a show kitty. So its keywords should be just as fierce.

    And the Sun bestows strength, courage, energy, willpower, dominance, and health, not just ego or creativity. It’s the most powerful force in the solar system. So if anything symbolizes power, it’s the Sun…not Mars or Pluto which are both far weaker planetary bodies.

    Leo rules the Strength Tarot Card and the 5th House which includes sports and athletics (not just the exaggerated creative arts).

    So there’s a lot of Leo’s strengths, boldness, and fierceness that were left out. I hope more of Leo’s fiercer qualities can be included.



    • Hi!

      Thanks for commenting again. Like I said before, It’s was just a quick reference for me to look at while I write.

      I will try my best to include more qualities for all the signs. Actually, I’ve been looking for content for my blog, and you just gave it to me. Thank you!

      I’ll start working on that.


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