Taking a Look Back at 2014

We had a new addition to our family!

Our granddaughter Grace was born on February 5, 2014

grace's red coatFS80jpg

I can’t believe my beautiful blue-eyed grand baby is almost a year old already!

We had a lot of first’s this year!


I took the very first photos of Grace. I love this one!

grace and mommyblack and white boost20(2)jpg

The first photo of Grace and Mommy, my beautiful daughter Jayme!

daddy and grace black and whitejpg

Grace and Daddy, my son-in-law Max!

Paige four years oldjpg

My beautiful blonde, blue-green eyed granddaughter Paige started school for the first time this year. I can’t believe she’s in school already! 

Paige 6-30-14 (2)jpg

What a cutie pie!

paige alexanderblack and white boostjpg

Awww…so beautiful!

Paige's 1st symphony

Paige’s first symphony…love her dress!

first day of school dawn10 8-21-14

My beautiful brown-eyed granddaughter Faith started middle school this year.

OMG…I can’t believe it! Where did the time go?

Faith and Paige dawn20

Faith got her first cell phone. I love this photo, they’re so excited and I love how Paige has her arm around Faith…that is so cute!

Faiths first selfie dawn

Faith’s first selfie. It came out great!

ice cream

On September 4th, I became dairy free for the first time in my life. I’ve been gluten-free for almost 4 years now, which really hasn’t bothered me. I must admit, I really don’t have a choice…I have Celiac Disease. I’ve also been 90% grain free for almost a year now. Dairy was harder for me to give up. I love ice cream, especially rocky road, or any other chocolate ice cream with nuts.

And I love cheese!


I have to say that cheese is the thing I miss the most, and that really surprises me! I thought it would have been ice cream or sugar, but no…it’s cheese! I’m not sure if I have to be dairy free forever? Maybe when we move to a drier climate, I might be able to eat it again? Right now…living in Florida (swampville), I can’t eat it because of my sinuses.


I also cute down on sugar this year. I’m about 90% sugar-free on a good day!


Except for when I need a little more chocolate!


Like when I participated in National Novel Writing Month. This year was my first time participating, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it. It was very intense and I needed lots of chocolate to get me through it!

#NaNoWriMo was the hardest thing I did this year! But it was worth it. I feel like I’ve grown as a writer. I’ve learned that I have to make time for writing…everyday, not just when I have time and next year…I will definitely be more prepared! 


My greatest accomplishment this year was…being a #NaNoWriMo winner!


This year, Faith became a big sister for the first time!


They’re first photo shoot! How cute is this!


Baby in a basket! This is too cute!

3C (2)

I love this one!


OMG…look at the way they’re looking at each other!


Awww…so cute!




Awww…my beautiful girls!


I love this one!

These photos came out great!

I’m so glad I have three granddaughters! After having four boys and just one girl, it’s so nice to have more girls around. Jayme and I have been out number for years! I think we need a few more though!

What I loved most about 2014, other than having a new grand baby…was all the hugs I got from my husband. He gives the best hugs ever! It’s my favorite place to be…in his arms!

So…even though 2014 was a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs and twists and turns, it was a good year. I can never say my life is boring!

I‘m looking forward to 2015…being an even better year!!!


A Twist of Fate

Before I was a Writer…


I was a Potter!

Then one day…everything changed!

October 26, 2000…was a day I will never forget, even though I’d like too. It was a day that changed my life and not for the better, although maybe it has and I just hadn’t realized it until now! When I woke up that morning, little did I know my life was about to change. It started out just like any other day. I had thrown some mugs, then cleaned up and got ready for my chiropractor appointment. I’d been going to a chiropractor for years, so it wasn’t a big deal…so I thought. But something happened while he was working on me. For a few “long” minutes, I couldn’t move! I remember thinking…that I might not ever walk again. They put me in a wheel chair, wheeled me to a back room, and after almost an hour with ice on my back, I was finally able to walk out of the chiropractor’s office…but not like I had walked in, and I was in excruciating pain! A few weeks later, I found out that my chiropractor had herniated my disc…the disc between L3 and L4. I wasn’t able to have surgery because of the position of the herniated disc…it was pressing on my spine. So I went for physical therapy and while going through that, I developed another problem. Seven months later I did have surgery, but not on my back. So not only did I still have to deal with my back problems, I had to recover from major surgery too. I never did get a chance to finish those mugs…never got to put the handles on, or get to glaze them, or fire them…they ended up in the trash.


Then about a year later, I was diagnosed with “Fibromyalgia.”


Unfortunately all pottery production came to a stop.


While I was recuperating from my back injury and my health problems…I was totally bored! It drove me nuts, not to be able to do something creative. But then one day, I had an idea. I’m not sure where it came from, especially since English was not my favorite subject in school. I really never thought that I would actually be doing this, but I did…I started to write a book.

writing-a-book FS urbane2jpg

For the first time in a long time, I was actually excited about something. I fell in love with my characters, and there was no turning back. But when I was able to make pottery again…I put my book away. So, I’ve been working on this book for quite some time now. Every once in a while, I’d take it out and work on it. Then put it away again. But lately I’ve been compelled to finish it! So I put my Etsy Shop on vacation mode, so I could work on my book.

book in leaves black and white dawnjpg

Now I have two passions…pottery and writing!

chapter one FS urbanejpg