A Sneak Peek Inside Chapter Five ~ part six

One more sneak peek from chapter five!

sneak peek chapter five part 6

“Get it off!” Matt yelled. “Get it off!”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Robin gently picked up the grayish brown spider. “It’s only a little spider.”

“You know I hate spiders,” he shivered. “It was wicked hairy,” he shivered again. “And it wasn’t little!”

“That was really mean,” April said, as Robin gently put the spider back on the floor. I watched it scurry away.

“I was just having some fun,”┬áRobin smiled. “Come on, it was kind of funny, wasn’t it?”

‘I don’t think so,” April gave her a dirty look.

“Hey, why don’t we play truth or dare,” Violet smiled.

“Do we have to?” Joey made a face.

“Yes!” she said. “I’ll go first.” She tucked her hair behind her ear, and then looked at me.