Inspiration Board #2

Images, make my story come to life!

They inspire me, they help me see my characters, see where they live, where they go and sets the mood of the story. That’s why most of the images are dark and moody…with a little touch of color here and there. Just like my story!

Images are such a useful tool for me, especially since I’m an artist/designer/potter/photographer and writer. They help me design my story world. I can visualize my story in my mind, but seeing images related to my story takes it a step further!

That’s why I make these inspiration boards.

chapter two part 1with text


A Sneak Peek at Chapter One ~ part II

A sneak peek at a few lines from chapter one ~ part II

“She’s watching us,” I turned toward him, and tried not to stare at his eyes again. “I know she is,” I glanced back at the house and stared for a few more seconds, and then right when I was
about to walk away, I noticed something. “Look!” I pointed. “I told you she’s watching us,” I  looked over my shoulder. “I saw the curtains move. I know she knows something,” I bit my bottom lip. “But how do I find out what it is?”


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