How I create Three-Dimensional Characters part 3

character profiles Gwen Harris

Last week, I posted about the new character profiles I make using

Well, what a difference a week makes! After having problems with Canva all week, I’ve gone back to…my favorite site for photo editing.

I worked on a character profile on Canva and when I was done, I wasn’t able to download it or save it…at all! I wasn’t happy about doing all that work for nothing, that’s for sure! But, I thought it was just a one time thing and went back the next day, but the same thing happened. Are you kidding me!! All that work down the drain…again! I tried it a third time (I know, I’m stubborn) and it happened again!

Well, three strikes and your out!!!

Gwen Harris

This is the one I created on

I wasn’t sure I could create a character profile with a photo on picmonkey, I’d never done it before and I really didn’t know how to. But, after thinking about how I was going to make it work (like I said, I’m stubborn) and playing on picmonkey for a few minutes…I figured it out. Yay!!!

This is how I did it…

I clicked on Collage, picked a photo from my file, clicked on layouts, choose Zigsaw, and picked the first one. Then I clicked on the little x that says…remove cell and the line disappeared. Then I clicked on images, added my photo, clicked on Edit at the top and clicked on open editor. Then I could add what I wanted and had an image with the text. I’m so happy I figured it out! Not only did it work out great, it took me less time and I could save all of them…with no problem at all!

Gwen Harris Keywords

This is the new character profile I made using

I like it so much better!   


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