Yvette Whitley

Raven Hill Yvette Whiley by Melinda Marie Alexander

This is Yvette Whitley

When I started my story…I named her Ruth. But then I realized, that I had too many characters whose names started with an R, so I had to make some changes. She’s been without a first name…for a while. I think Yvette suits her so much better. Don’t you?

She’s already made an appearance in my story, but it’s a very small part so far. She is April, Tabitha, and Hope Whitley’s mother. Her sister is Cassandra Collins, her brother-in-law is Rickford Collins, Gabriel and Zach Collins are her nephews.

And her mother is Olivia Winslow

Her husband doesn’t have a first name yet, so I just call him Mr. Whitley!

The Whitley's2

The Whitley girls!

Yvette, Tabitha, April and Hope


2 thoughts on “Yvette Whitley

    1. melindamariealexander Post author

      Yeah, the Dad isn’t a red head though, he has brown hair! My great-grandmother was a red head, and I use to have red highlights in my hair when I was young. Oh, that’s cool! Thanks for stopping by Scarlet! 🙂



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