Raven Hill Olivia Winslow by Melinda Marie Alexander

Introducing…Olivia Winslow

I’m not sure if she’ll make an appearance in this book? But she will definitely be in the series. But then again…you never know! She might show up. She actually had a different name when I started the book. I can’t even remember what it was now. She’s been nameless for a while, but she’s always had a face. I’ve known what she looks like from the very start of my story.

I needed a post for “O” and I had no idea what to blog about. Then I thought about finally giving her a name. I have to say, I’ve never…ever named a character this fast. It all came together somehow…phewww! And when I gave her…her last name, I had a few chills and that’s when I knew it was perfect!

I need to develop her more. I know nothing about her, except that she is the mother of Cassandra Collins, and grandmother of Zachary Collins and Gabriel Collins. She also has another daughter who doesn’t have a first name yet, but she has a last name…Whitley. And Mrs. Whitley has three daughters of her own…Tabitha, April and Hope Whitley.

Hmmm…I wonder who she is, and what she does? I need her to speak to me!


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