Raven Hill Lacy Quinn by Melinda Marie Alexander (2)

He leaned toward me, just inches away from my face, and looked directly into my eyes. “We’ll come back and find it, I promise,” Joey said. “Come on, we have to go.”

Every once in a while I glanced over my shoulder. I couldn’t help it. She was still there, watching us. Why couldn’t he see her? Is she really there, or am I seeing things? I felt Joey tug my arm, and I turned around.

“Why do you keep looking back?”

“I don’t know,” I lied again. I knew exactly why, but I couldn’t tell him, not if he didn’t see what I saw.

I looked back one more time, but we were too far away now. I couldn’t see her. When I turned back around, I noticed that we were still holding hands. I looked up, and Joey was looking at me.

“I’m not letting go,” he raised his eyebrow.

“Why?” I wrinkled my forehead.

“Because the minute I let go, you’ll probably run back there, that’s why,” he squeezed my hand tighter. “You’re stuck with me, I’m not letting go.”

“I’m not going to run back there, I promise,” He titled his head and raised his eye brow again. “Fine, don’t let go, I don’t care!” I narrowed my eyes and made a face.

He laughed. “You were, weren’t you?” I guess he thought it was funny. I made a fist, and punched him in the arm with my free hand. “I knew it!” I punched him again. “I’m still not letting go! You can punch me all day, if you want. It’s not going to work.”

I gave him a dirty look, and then looked at my shoes. I had to let him think I wanted to go back. I couldn’t tell him I saw…a ghost.



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