New Friends


“Thanks for walking me home guys,” I walked up the steps, and then turned around to wave goodbye.

“See you tomorrow,” Joey said.

“What’s going on tomorrow?” my mother wanted to know. I cringed and held my breath, hoping no one would tell her the truth. Thankfully no one said a word. The silence was deafening so I finally opened my mouth.

“They’re going to show me around town and show me where Saint Andrews is,” I said really quickly, before someone else said something different. “And they’re going to show me where the library is too,” I tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Okay, but make sure you do some unpacking,” she looked at me and then at them. “We have a lot of work to do, you know. Let me have that bag,” she reached for it as I handed it to her. Then she went inside.

I took a deep breath and then sighed. I was so relieved, because she actually believed me and she was going to let me go. I looked at my new friends. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow,” they said at the same time. I smiled at them and they smiled back. “Don’t forget…the bridge at 1:00,” Joey smiled at me again.

“I won’t forget,” I stayed on the porch and watched them walk toward Robin’s house. Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all. But then I remembered Mrs. Dutton, and what she said to me. The words echoed in my ears. “Those who do…end up dead,” I shivered.





10 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Shudder.

    I want to read more and I also do NOT want to read more. I am doing the literary equivalent of watching a scary movie between my fingers. 🙂


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