Raven Hill Charlene Lawrence by Melinda Marie Alexander

“Char look, it’s the book I was telling you about,” the blonde handed her the book she was looking at.

“Who are they,” I whispered in Gwen’s ear.  

“The girl with blonde hair is Sarah Adams and the girl with reddish-brown hair is Charlene Lawrence,” Gwen stared at them.

I almost choked on the Hersey Kiss that was in my mouth. I started coughing. “Are you okay?” Gwen pounded on my back. I nodded and coughed again. Then I took a sip of my coffee milk.

“Does she have a brother named Rusty?” I wrinkled my forehead and made a face.

Gwen looked at me. “Yes, she does. Stay away from them,” she glanced at them and then looked at me. “They’re nothing but trouble.”

“So, is Tommy Adams, Sarah’s brother?”

Gwen narrowed her eyes and frowned. “Is that how you got hurt? Did they do that to you?”

“It was an accident,” I bit my bottom lip. “Why do you want me to stay away from them? Aren’t they friends with Emily?” I put another Hersey Kiss in my mouth.

“Yeah, that pisses me off,” she glanced at them again and then looked at me and frowned. “I tried to warn her, but she won’t listen. I swear she’s friends with them just because I told her not to be.”

Copyright TXu 1-905-288


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