A Sneak Peek Inside Chapter Five – part four


“Can we please get out of here now?” Matt asked, but no one was paying attention.

“Look, this one is Henry Gray,” April pointed.

I followed her. I wanted to get a good look and so did Joey. Then all of a sudden, a raven swooped down and landed on a nearby gravestone. It looked at me and cawed really loud. I stared at it. Then another raven flew over our heads a couple of times, and then landed on the same headstone. They both cawed, and then suddenly flew away.

“Can we go now,” Matt asked again. “I hate cemeteries!”

“In a minute,” Joey looked over his shoulder.

“Hey, what’s that building for?” asked Violet.

“I think it’s a crypt,” I glanced at her.

“There’s a dead person in there?” she looked at me and shivered.

“Yeah, I think so,” Suddenly a gust of wind whipped hair in my face. I reached up to brush it away, and then saw a flock of ravens flying away. Tree branches began moving violently in the wind. Leaves were floating and swirling around us. I looked up at the sky; it was getting dark, thunder clouds were forming. And then, I felt the first rain drop fall on my arm. I looked at it and looked up at the sky again.

“Guys,” Joey said loudly. “I think we’re about to get soaked.”

I glanced at Joey. He was looking up at the sky. The clouds were rolling in quickly, and the sky was really dark. “We need to get out of here!”

“Yeah, it looks bad,” Joey said over the wind. “We need to get inside that crypt.”

“What?” Matt’s eyes bulged out. “I’m not going in there!”

“We have too,” I pushed my hair away from my face. “There’s nowhere else to go.”




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