Meet Emily Harris


This character has gone through a few changes since I started my story. At first she was Lacy’s friend and she had a different name, then I took her out of the story completely.

Then I decided that Lacy needed a couple of cousins. So, she’s back in my story as one of Lacy’s cousins. But she needed a name, because I used the name I had originally given her, for another character. For a while I didn’t actually think about her, she was just a character in my head who hadn’t fleshed out yet, until I asked my FB friends for some help in naming Sarah. My FB friend Patti Steele Hallowes posted Emily, and I knew right then and there…that this was Emily. Thank you so much, Patti Steele Hallowes!

Recently, I’ve made even more changes for this character. When I put her back in the story, I originally had a small part for her to plan. After making some adjustments to my plot, she now has a larger role in the series and a new face.

Meet Emily Harris


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