Introducing Gabriel Collins


I had a hard time naming this character. I don’t know why some characters are so easy to name and others so difficult? He’s had so many names, but none of them were right. So, I asked my friends on Facebook if they wanted to help me name this character, and as usual they did a fantastic job giving me so many great names to choose from. It took me a while to choose the right name. I had a huge list of names. After a few days I narrowed it down to three names, and I still couldn’t decide which one, because I liked all three.

William posted by Patricia Halfman, Zachary posted by Anita Coleen, and Gabriel posted by Stephanie Shaw. All three of them would have worked. After a few more days I finally made up my mind, and decided on Gabriel, because that was my best friend Debbie’s fathers name, and he was an amazing man. Thank you Stephanie Shaw!

After deciding on Gabriel name, I ran into another problem. I needed to change Kevin’s name, Gabriel’s younger brother. Kevin just didn’t fit anymore, not with names like Maximus, Rickford, Victor and Gabriel Collins. So, I’ve decided to change Kevin’s name to Zachary posted by Anita Coleen. Thank you Anita! And my other favorite name, William will be one of my other characters that I will be posting soon. Thank you Patricia!

Yay…I get to use all three!  


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