A Sneak Peek Inside Chapter Five – part two


“This place is a little spooky,” April shivered.

“I have a really bad feeling about this,” Matt frowned. “I think we should go back.”

“Yeah, this place gives me the creeps,” said Violet. “Maybe, we should go back.”

“Stop whining!” snapped Robin. “You guys are such babies,” she looked over her shoulder, and then followed Joey.

“No, we’re not!” shouted April, giving Robin a dirty look.

“Shhhhh,” whispered Violet. “You guys are being really loud.”

“Yeah, be quiet, before we get caught,” Robin whispered.

“You be quiet!” April said, a little too loudly.

“No!” Robin snapped.

“Stop it!” Joey yelled over his shoulder.

I looked back, and so did Robin. “She’s the one causing all the trouble,” April pointed at Robin.

“Shut up!” Robin said angrily, and then stuck her tongue out.

“Shhhhh,” I whispered. “I think I heard something.”

“Oh, no!” Violet said.



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