Name Changes

A few weeks ago I realized I had too many characters, with names that started with an R! I’m not sure why I didn’t notice it before? What was I thinking? I’m really not sure why I had such a fascination with the letter R? Good thing I noticed it! I guess I was paying too much attention on making sure the names didn’t sound alike. So at least three characters have had their first names changed. The first character to have her name changed is Mrs. Dutton. I was thinking about calling her Delilah, but I really hadn’t made up my mind until I was talking about it with my friend Patricia Halfman. I actually didn’t tell her the names I was thinking about, I just told her that I needed to change some names. She mentioned Delilah and that was it! So now, Mrs. Dutton is no longer Rebecca Dutton, she is Delilah Dutton. I like it! Thanks Patricia!!!




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