Beginnings and Endings

A sneak peek inside chapter one

Then suddenly the old woman walked right up to me, and whispered in my ear. I froze. “I wouldn’t wear that if I were you.” she said, her breath gave me goose bumps on the back of my neck.

“Wear what?” I asked, a little confused and somewhat nervous. Her nearness made me uncomfortable so I took a few steps back.

“It’s cursed…”

“Cursed?” I frowned. Now I was really getting nervous.

“Beware my dear, beware,” she warned, glaring at me with a strange look on her face. I shivered again, and tiny goose bumps started rising on my arms and legs.

“Beware of what?” I asked warily, not sure I really wanted to know the answer.

 Jumping over a paragraph…

“Wait! What are you talking about?” I followed her down the sidewalk. “Please tell me what you mean. I don’t understand. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said impatiently.

“Don’t wear it in public,” the old woman said, turning abruptly. I nearly bumped into her again. “Hide it. Don’t let anyone ever find it,” she said, looking around once more. “Those who do end up dead.”

Copyright ~ TXu 1-905-288 November 4, 2013


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